Custom Acrylic Standees

Custom Acrylic Standees


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Custom Acrylic Standees:

Acrylic standees are clear, colorful, cheap, durable and easy to shape.No MOQ. The shape, size and design are customizable. Acrylic standees can be decorations, anime toys and gifts. The color and image don’t fall off.


Custom Acrylic StandeesCustom Acrylic StandeesCustom Acrylic StandeesCustom Acrylic StandeesCustom Acrylic Standees


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Shirley Zhu

Production was timely, shipping fast and service comprehensive! Thank you ^^

Friday, Aug.26, 2022 10:35:00
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Alison VN

Came as excepted, high quality, would used from again.

Wednesday, May.12, 2021 16:29:07
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Quinlan Whiteoak


Wednesday, Sep.09, 2020 12:40:59
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Helen Rivera

item received very timely and high quality.

Friday, Aug.07, 2020 23:10:59
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Serena Wills

excellent product and service, 100% satisfied

Wednesday, Apr.08, 2020 20:01:00
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