How does screen printing work?

  • Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021 00:00:00

When you have an enamel design and you find that there are some details that are too small to be separated with metal lines, you can consider screen printing.


Screen printing is often used on flat surfaces, so let's see how it works. We learned that the surface of hard enamel is flat, but the surface of soft enamel is not smooth, usually we choose to add epoxy to make it smooth. The minimum standard for screen printing is 0.1mm, if smaller than this, details may not be clear.


Print gradients and complex colors. If you want to use a gradient color in your design, then you can consider using lithography. We usually use white enamel as the bottom color to minimize the impact on the printed color. Let's see how they work.


With this option, you must provide a clear print version to ensure that the final result is good enough. Unclear patterns and print details that cannot be separated will not be accepted.


There is a lot of interesting knowledge about making enamel pins, then follow us, we will continue to do this meaningful thing. If anyone has any questions about enamel design, please leave a message or send us a message, we are happy to answer you. If there is anything against you, please contact us.


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