How to Make Acrylic Keychain

  • Thursday, Feb.09, 2023 15:50:01

In fact, the production of acrylic keychain is very simple, the design of acrylic does not affect the product price, this is different from the badge.

And the production of acrylic does not require a simplified design because it is printed directly.

1.Get Quote:

Tell us the size and quantity you need as well as the craft requirements. We enclose the commonly used accessories in the end. You can choose the accessories you need according to your preference.

If your design is not ready for the time being but you want a quote, just provide the details, we can also provide a quote.

For example:

I would like 75 charms, 64mm, double sided, epoxy coating, accessories #1, shipping to USA, Here is the art:

How to Make Acrylic Keychain

2.Confirm Price and Payment


We will provide a quotation and some suggestions


3. Revise and Confirm Artwork


After successful payment, you will receive the artwork. If there is any modification suggestion, the designer will help you update the artwork.

After your confirmation, the workers will produce according to the artwork you confirm.

The production time is 7-12 working days. The production time starts from your confirmation artworks.

How to Make Acrylic Keychain

4. Confirm the Products and Shipping Address


We will provide the product photos and shipping address for your confirmation.


5.Received and Review


Once you confirm, we will provide you with the tracking number. Then you just track the code and wait the acrylic keychain to arrive.


Let’s briefly summarize the following steps:

Get QuoteConfirm Price and PaymentRevise and Confirm ArtworkConfirm the products and shipping AddressReceived and Review


If anyone has any questions about acrylic, please leave your questions or send us a message and we'll be happy to answer you. If you want to know more about our products, you can check it out:

How to Make Acrylic Keychain

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